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Blue Lagoon – must see place in Split, Croatia


When I was just a little girl („I asked my mother what will I be“) I was fascinated with the „Blue lagoon“ movie. But growing up in a full time working parents family, I had never have gone to explore the Croatian coast as it deserves and therefore I never knew I had a blue lagoon at the reach of my hand 😊

Krknjaši and the blue lagoon are just a 20-30 min boat ride from my Split and that’s the most beautiful thing I have learned when I got to take myself on trips and beaches.

I sometimes feel like God must really love me.. Well not just me but all of us Dalmatians (and no I am not talking about the best dogs ever 😊 ) Being able to go to swim and snorkel to the Krknjaši Blue Lagoon throughout the entire summer is a blessing I am unable to explain.

In all of my blogs you can read about the crystal  clear sea, about the turquoise blue color but there are no words for the sea the Blue Lagoon offers and I feel like it should have all brand new adjectives that belong to Krknjaši Blue Lagoon and only Krknjaši Blue Lagoon 😊

Having a restaurant and a bar with cocktails (do not worry, there is also coffee and alt he nonalcoholic beverages, I just prefer cocktails 😉 ) definitely helps getting through such a perfect experience.

If I were a travel blogger that gives out grades – it’s a perfect 10 😊

Enough from me – go and make your own impressions – you will not be sorry

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