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Hvar – the magical island


When the emperor Diocletian decided to retire and spend the rest of his life in his Dalmatia he didn’t have in mind any particular place. All he wanted was a warm Mediterranean place. So he sent his people to count the number of sunny days per year in several places of his choice. In the end of the research it was Hvar that had the most sunny days. Split was chosen due to better secured position but Split is not the topic of this blog (though just this – Split is the most beautiful city in the world 😊)

So Hvar – the place with most sunny days per year in Dalmatia. Well, that’s one thing nobody ever tells you, right

Want to be almost sure it will not be rainy – Hvar is the place to go

Want to see historical fortress – Hvar is your destination

Want to explore Dalmatian cuisine – again Hvar

Want to party – HVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR <3

My personal fav is Hula Hula beach bar – there is something so reviving in drinking cocktails and dancing on those sunny Hvar days at the beach. Pure energy. And LOL (lots of love 😊 )

It will never seize to amaze me how speechless I get when trying to explain Hvar to people that have never been there… I just don’t know where to start 😊 Some things are not to be experienced vicariously – HVAR is one of those. Dear reader, no matter your age, preferences etc – Hvar is a place for the whole world to see 😉

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