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Stiniva – the most beutiful beach in Europe


Someone once asked me to choose the most beautiful beach in Croatia. When I hesitated to answer due to the fact I was incapable to decide (how could I they are all beautiful and it’s not just cause they’re all „mine“)they narrowed it down and asked to choose the most beautifull beach in Dalmatia. Need i say that I was yet again incapable of choosing. But thankfully, there are people that CAN and know how to choose, so THIS happened:

„If you’re still thinking about where to go this summer, paradise is definitely waiting for you at Stiniva beach, Croatia.“ – writes the British Daily Mail on the occasion of proclaiming Stiniva on the island of Vis, the most beautiful beach in Europe, in 2016. Among close to 300 European beaches, with the highest number of votes – Stiniva was chosen!

So there you go, who am I to argue that 😊 This is by far all the information you need to know in order to WANT to visit Stiniva.

Bonus tip (from a social media addict 😉 ): Stiniva, besides being the experience of a lifetime itself just by observing and enjoying the view is also an „influencer’s“ (aren’t we all influencers nowadays 😀 ) paradise, a perfect photoshoot stop with the crystal clear sea, white pebbles and impressive cliffs in the background.

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